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About Shiflow Ai

Shiflow AI is one of the first batch of teams that OpenAI authorized GPT-4.0 developer interface. We aim to create an ‘intelligent external brain’ that better understands the business of enterprises/organizations, especial for the stat ups in Asian focusing on creative industry.

What are we doing? shiflowai_en

We supplement the lack of personalized data memory and storage capabilities in models like GPT. For example, in the case of intelligent museum tours, many unique collections of small museums cannot be remembered. Shiflow AI uses a unique data knowledge base solution to help large models better understand the unique knowledge of enterprises/organizations. When users ask tour questions, they can use the unique knowledge of the museum to respond specifically, and even for in-depth questions, they can call on GPT capabilities for more comprehensive responses.

We reduce the cost of enterprises ‘training’ models, and more importantly, improve the quality of output. The cost of training a large model once is over 7 million RMB, and the cost of training or fine-tuning a vertical industry model is also over 1 million RMB. Through our unique intermediate data service, we reduce costs, but make Shiflow AI understand your business better. For example, if a Douyin short video MCN agency wants to produce a video script based on GPT-4.0, the direct question to GPT is not effective because there is no feature data. But if there are 100 cases stored in the Shiflow AI external brain, and then let the large model generate, you will get a higher quality script that fits the style of the previous cases.

Enterprise Solution Shiflowenterprise

Shiflow AI GPT Service: Helps your enterprise access Shiflow AI GPT capabilities to meet intelligent response needs.

Shiflow AI GPT + External Brain Service: Based on Shiflow AI GPT-4.0 capabilities, it provides ‘intermediate external brain’ service. It solves the problem that large models do not have the memory, storage, and call of enterprise personality data. Simply put, now GPT does not know your enterprise’s information, but with the external brain, common problems of the enterprise fed to ‘Shiflow AI’, it can answer these questions better.

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